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Build the Team


Bouldering challenges you to get out of your comfort zone. Explore your group’s ability to work as a team and encourage each other in a fun and safe environment. An exciting experience for all ages and fitness levels - Bouldering at The Climbing Corner is a great way to break down boundaries and formalities.

As part of your 2 hour team building experience we will take you through the 'rules' of bouldering, the fundamentals of climbing and movement and how to fall safely. In addition to this, we will include a number of team building exercises designed to bring the group together and enhance communication and team problem solving.  

Need your own space? The Climbing Corner has a dedicated room set aside for your group to get together to chat, hang out or have your own food. 

Do I need to have climbed before? No, you don’t need to have prior climbing experience. This Group Team Building experience is for everyone!

Time to suit you? Our instructors are available 7 days a week. Just use the button below to request what date and time you would like to visit us. 



Adult (18 and over)

Group Size 6 - 20                            €15.50

Group Size  20+                              €14.00

Higher Education Student

Group Size 6 - 20                            €14.00

Group Size  20+                              €12.50

Youth (7 - 17)

Group Size 6 - 20                            €15.50

Group Size  20+                              €14.00

*Entrance Fee and Shoe Hire included

*Min Group size is 6

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