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 Day Pass

Adult (18 and over)                        €12.50

Higher Education Student              €11.00

Youth (7 - 17)                                 €10.00


* Age 7 - 12 must be supervised    

Adult (18 and over)                       €112.00

Higher Education Student              €99.00

Youth (7 - 17)                                  €90.00

* Valid for 12 Months

     10 x Strip

Monthly Memberships

Adult (18 and over)*                         €45.00

Higher Education Student*              €40.00

Youth (7 - 17)*                                  €38.00

Youth (7-13) with Training*              €49.00

Family**                                           €35.00

Registration fee is €12.50 once only.

* Payment is only possible by direct debit.

* Notice period is 1 month.

* Minimum term 3 months.

** Minimum 3 direct family members.

Shoe Rental

To ensure the cleanliness of the Climbing Wall and Holds, climbing shoes must be worn when climbing! Shoes can be rented for €3.50 from reception. If your size of shoe is unavailable for whatever reason, we will allow climbing to be done in clean sports shoes.

Supporting Uniformed Services

Eligible Services include:
Medical Emergency Services
Fire Service   
Military (Full Time and Reserve)


Here at The Climbing Corner, we believe in supporting National and Foreign National Uniformed Services. In recognition of your service to our society, we would like to offer you 20% Discount on any of our Price packages when purchased for yourself.

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