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New to Bouldering and want some pointers from the pros on the ins and outs of this sport? Look no further - our instructors would  love to show you how to get started. 


Our 90 minute Introduction to Bouldering session will take you through an explanation of the bouldering 'rules', the fundamentals of climbing and movement and how to fall safely. 

This session is designed for people who have not  climbed at all or only once or twice before. 

Classes are on Saturdays from 13:00 - 14:30!

*Click on the "Book Now" button to schedule your class! 

Introduction to Bouldering


Adult (18 and over)                          €25.00

Higher Education Student               €25.00

Youth (7 - 17)                                   €25.00

*Entrance Fee and Shoe Hire included

Personal Training plans

Climbing for a while now and want to learn how to progress to the next level? Can't quite seem to figure out how to move the body to the next hold or struggling to understand how to overcome your weaknesses? Don't worry, we've got you covered! The Climbing Corner offers multiple training plans starting from 4 lessons (60 min. each), where you can choose between a focus on Technique & Movement, or Strength & Conditioning. You can do this training plan alone, or together with someone who climbs around the same level.

Together you will work on the next steps in levelling up!


*Click on the "Read More" button for more details and to get in contact!


1 person                                        €120.00

Additional person*                      + €  25.00


* max. participants per plan is 5

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